Dr. Jerry Bailey practices Precision Performance Medicine utilizing cutting edge epigenetics, nutrition, injections and IV therapies along with the most cutting edge performance and lifestyle therapies at Lakeside Holistic Health, PLLC. Dr. Bailey is a prominent expert on men’s medicine and leads the world in the emerging science of Poly-Hormonal Adrenal Testosterone Syndrome (PHAT Syndrome). 

He has been in practice for over two decades successfully guiding tens of thousands of patients in that time to the levels of performance, energy and drive that they want. His clinical experience and acute awareness of current research, as a former faculty at the University of Western States in the Graduate Studies department in the Masters of Science of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, affords him a unique ability to apply current research to clinical practice to be a truly evidence-informed practicing physician. 

He, along with his physician wife, has been the top Functional/Natural medicine practice in the inland northwest for many years. Their clinics are at the forefront of cutting edge evidence-informed practice along with the development of new protocols to aid in reversing most of the chronic illness and hormone imbalances seen today. He is a dad to two amazing sons. He is also a  triathlete, and a drummer, a gig his day job supports. He has been featured in Fox News, Bloom, Parade, HGTV, VeryWell Health, Spy, Medium, NBC News, QardioMD, Entrepreneur, Byrdie and many more news and health outlets.


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