If you have come this far chances are you have PHAT Syndrome and just don't know it. Many physicians misdiagnose you as Low Testosterone, Pre-Diabetes, Over Weight or have Metabolic Syndrome. Little do they realize that you are not these conditions alone but a mix of them with longer term issues that have not yet fully materialized. The good thing is... You are fixable! We can restore the performance, energy and drive that you once had with supercharged energy, reinvigorated drive and superior performance.


Insulin Resistance

Overloaded cells can not bring more glucose into them. You may develop glucose intolerance, insulin resistance along with the cells beginning to block most hormones, nutrients and co-factors from entering them.


Increased Body Fat

Body fat levels start to elevate leading to tighter clothes and more weight on the scale. You can be fat-fat or skinny-fat both are unhealthy for you long term.


Cardiovascular Dysfunction

This one is pretty clear: cholesterol issues, inflammation, atherosclerosis and heart issues develop from abnormally functioning systems.


Sarcopenia: Decrease Muscle Mass

Muscle wasting inactivity and increasing disuse leads to loss of our most most metabolically active and healthy promoting cells: MUSCLE. The loss of muscle mass increases our likelihood of decreasing longevity along cutting our ability to survive an illness.


Stressed Out: Maladaptive Stress Response

Your body can no longer adapt due to being overly stressed. It's not just the physical stressors, but the mental, spiritual and environmental ones that can lead to the inability to adapt to our current environment.


Hormone Imbalance

It's not just Testosterone! Low Testosterone, high estrogen and thyroid dysfunction are just a few of the imbalances that result from PHAT syndrome. This requires extensive testing to understand where the imbalance is coming from.


Brain Dysfunction

The brain begins to succumb to all of these issues. Memory, fogginess, confusion, forgetfulness, concentration, ADD/ADHD, depression and anxiety are all trademarks of PHAT syndrome.


Leaky Cells/Membranes

An often overlooked and forgotten issue that occurs not only in the digestive tract but throughout the body. Once the gut become leaky (known as increased intestinal permeability) all cells can then become leaky. The nerves, prostate, testicles and the ovaries, in women, all follow suit and create a whole other level of discourse that needs to be addressed