Who Do I Work With?

I work extensively with men and women who want to restore the roar in their life. Often they both seek out care because they have very similar symptoms: Fatigue, Brain Fog, Low Libido, Hair Loss, Weight Gain, Low Energy, and overall just not feeling well. The tests physicians run can't seem "to find anything wrong." This is a good thing! We know there isn't a disease process showing up, Yet. But you are left with "you are fine and come back when if you don't feel any better." Here is where I step in to discover all the underlying issues that are just fomenting and waiting to boil over.

I work with you through my comprehensive signature process that I call "FINESSED". I will dive deep into any Food Issues, Infections, Nutritional Deficiencies, Endocrine Imbalances, Stress Adaptation Dysfunction, Structural Issues, Environmental Toxicity and your DNA/Epigenetics. Through this process we discover those underlying issues that are bringing on your symptoms and destroying your passion for life.

The Women are suffering from a myriad of hormone, digestive, detoxification and mitochondrial issues that conventional medicine doesn't have an answer for. The Men are suffering, often in silence, from PHAT Syndrome and do not know it. Symptoms may include decreased libido, weight gain, hair loss, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, brain fog, metabolism issues and much more. We work on optimizing your performance, energy, and drive in each aspect of your life.

How Can I Work With You?

There are two way you can work with me one on one: In-Person and Remotely

Lynn Davis

In-Person 1-on-1

Often potential clients will fly in to my brick and mortar office for our initial meeting and planning session along with staying an extended period to aggressively begin care.

This allows for time to do a series of IV Nutrients and/or Injectables along with any Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Alpha-Stim or numerous other Health Optimization Procedures that we outline together for your wellness and optimization.

Carl Young

Remotely 1-on-1

For potential clients that can not come in to the office I do offer remote 1-on-1 meetings, planning sessions and coaching calls to help them create the life they want. Ideally we should meet face to face to start but life doesn't always allow that, so we can successfully work together remotely .

Often the remote meetings are also scheduled to continue optimization and wellness growth after the initial In-Person bootcamp.